Household Bank

Household Bank is a well known financial service provider in the United States. The company focuses on credit card businesses and is one of the leading brand in the industry.

House Hold Bank Credit Cards

Household bank offers a wide range of credit cards to its customers. Not only do they come with some incredible benefits, but most of them are also being offered at cheaper rates than its competitors. Some of the credit cards on offer include -

  • GM Master Care: Members receive a 0% introductory APR with $0 annual fee. The APR will be charged at around 10.49% after the offer.  The card also offers online balance transfers and account management options.
  • Orchard Bank MasterCard Classic: The customers will have an initial credit limit of up to $1000. Annual fee is generally low while APR’s are offered at a competitive rate of 20.15%. You can also benefit from the periodic credit limit increase review.
  • Orchard Bank MasterCard Gold: Members get to enjoy a low introductory APR of 3.9% on purchases for an initial six months. Annual fees tend to be low and the general APR is around 20.15%.
  • Orchard Bank MasterCard Secured: The card holder enjoys $1000 initial card limit. Introductory APR is at 0%, which increases to 20.15% after the offer period. The annual fee is charged at $35. And there will be a periodic review that will determine if your credit limit will be increased.
  • Union Plus MasterCard: This card comes with a $0 annual fee. The APR on balance transfers is set at 8.99% . The customer can also enjoy $0 liability in case of any unauthorized charges.

Once you have received your card, you would want to link it to your online account services. For this, you must register for an account at their website This is a fairly easy process. When you visit their registration page, you are required to do the following.

  • Enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. This will be used as your identity proof
  • Fill in your account number, signature panel code and the expiration date that is shown on your credit card
  • Enter your login ID and password. Remember to choose a secure password for your account. Most of all, never share your login id or password to anyone else
  • Enter your email id and choose your wireless alert preference. You will probably be receiving an email confirmation soon. You can then login and start managing your account.

Benefits of Household’s Online Account

  • You can pay your bills in an easy, convenient and timely manner. The online payment option will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all along the year. As such, you will have the freedom to pay at a time of your choosing and will not have to take time out from your busy day in order to make a payment.
  • Your account will have a special calendar which will help you to easily schedule both your standard and recurring payments. This is very helpful, provided that you plan on paying your bill on a specific date. This can also ensure that your card bills do get paid on time even if your forget about it and thus helps in avoiding late payment charges and other penalty fee. Plus, the recurring payment option gives you the ability to schedule your bill payments upto an year in advance
  • Your account will also offer you the option for online balance transfers, which can easily help you save money and time. Whats more, you can not only consolidate your credit cards, but you can even take advantage of any promotion rate when you get a chance.
  • You can link upto 3 bank accounts to your online account and pay your card bills from the three bank accounts. This is usually helpful if one of your bank account is low on funds and you are trying to pay your bill on the dye date. The fact that you have linked 3 bank accounts means that you can use the other 2 accounts to pay those bills on time.
  • You will also have the ability to track your payment history. For every credit card transaction, you can very easily ascertain who paid how much amount and when. This can easily help you identifying where are your major spending areas.
  • Sometimes you may want to avoid a preplanned payment. In such cases, even though a schedule has been set up, you can easily update or cancel them through the account
  • You will also be receiving confirmation emails whenever your transactions are processed. With this, you will easily become aware if any unwanted transactions happen through your credit card.

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